Equipment pipework

Equipment pipework includes supply lines for the connection of a variety of equipment. These pipework elements carry process or drinking water, as well as gas or, in exceptional cases, even special media such as oil, to the relevant devices. The prerequisite for this is that the geometry of the pipes can be easily adapted to the prevailing conditions and that the connection technology is not complicated. In addition to the external piping, specially corrugated hoses are also used for the piping inside the device.

The installation of internal piping is generally carried out in very confined spaces. The flexibility of the HYDRA® conduits offers enhanced convenience for installation in this regard. Moreover, the absolute and permanent tightness against diffusion of the metallic hoses is a major benefit. This prevents any odours or media vapours (for example, heating oil) from escaping to the outside.

Application examples:

  • Gas and oil heat generators, such as gas-fired boiler or oil-fired condensing boiler
  • Stratified storage tanks
  • Miniaturised CHPU
  • Fuel cells


  • Nominal diameter with minimum pressure loss
  • Resistant to ageing and diffusion
  • Pre-bent ex works according to customer requirements
  • Also available optionally with PE or EPDM sheathing



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