Structure Borne Noise decoupling Elements

Areas of use

  • Decoupling of high frequency vibrations caused, for example, by an exhaust gas turbocharger
  • Reduction of unwanted turbocharger, specific noise such as "turbocharger whining"

Execution forms

  • Multi-ply bellows
  • With wire mesh ring acting as a vibration damper
  • Flow routing through a flame tube
  • Typically, including customer specific connectors (e.g. V-band form)
  • Available in all common pipe diameters

Technical characteristics

  • Element with damping characteristics for structure borne sound
  • Short, compact design
  • Technically gas-tight
  • Good load bearing functionality due to relative high rigidity
  • Temperature and corrosion resistant through suitable selection of materials
  • Geometric and technical characteristics can be adapted to meet the particular customer specific installation needs

Product example

Product example


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