HYDRA® GS - Gas System

The Witzenmann HYDRA® GS gas system is a genuine innovation for the gas installation market. What's new about it: An incredibly easy technology for connecting the sheathed stainless steel flexible corrugated tube carrying the gas to the fittings. This is done using a special hydraulic tool. The tool is lightweight, fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to operate. As a result, it's possible to work without fatigue for extended periods of time.

The benefits:



  • Up to 50 m can be readily carried, handled and installed from the roll in a single length
  • Axial pressing tool for assembly is significantly more lightweight than comparable tools
  • The lightweight design means that overhead work can be carried out easily


  • Quick assembly of end fittings – maximum of 7 sec per end
  • In just a few steps, the material sold on the roll can be cut to the required length, equipped with the proper fittings, positioned and bent by hand and fixed in place.
  • Fittings for bends (90° and 45°) are not required  
  • Due to the products lightweight design and compact packaging method, the flexible tube can easily be carried by a single person.

Economic viability

  • The benefit in terms of both cost and logistics increase with increasing project scale. They result from the lightweight packaging units, the straightforward handling, and simple assembly.
  • No intensive installer training is required
  • Amortisation within a short period of time


HYDRA® GS - Installation


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