Bellows Element for Piezo Injectors

Areas of use

  • Metal bellows as highly dynamic seal of piezo elements and pressure sensors against fuel or combustion gases

Technical characteristics

  • Non fatigue critical design for movement, pressure pulse, and vibration excitation: >1,000,000,000 load cycles.
  • System pressures of up to 300 bar (static pressure resistance > 700 bar)
  • Component design, development and validation achieved using expert know how & special test stands
  • Corrosion resistant to all common fuels
  • Cost effective mass production based on the most modern & efficient manufacturing technologies.
  • Delivered as bellows or bellows with connector parts
  • Bespoke designs ensure optimised functionality, minimised us of space, simplified assembly and competitive cost.
  • High level of technical cleanliness due to clean room production.

Examples of products

Examples of products


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