Welding technology

Welding technology is a core competence of Witzenmann. The broad spectrum of welding procedures in use reflects the broad product range:

  • Arc welding (WIG, microplasma, MIG/MAG, UP, E-Hand)
  • Laser welding (solid laser, CO2 laser, and diode laser)
  • Resistance welding (spot-welding, seam, and stud welding)
  • Brazing (induction / furnace brazing)
  • Joining by means of magnetic forming (EMPF - electromagnetic pulse forming)

Meeting customer requirements, Witzenmann has available the necessary qualified welding procedures and welders and the requisite certifications.

Welder qualification in accordance with:

  • DIN EN 287-1
  • DIN EN ISO 9606-1/4
  • DIN ISO 24394 (DVS 2715-2)
  • DIN EN 1418

Qualified welding procedures:

  • DIN EN ISO 15607-14
  • ASME-Code Sect. IX; AWS D17.1

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