Witzenmann Group with an all-time high turnover in 2012


After a strong growth in sales in the previous year, the Group could realise further growth in 2012.

The Management Board reported moderate sales growth from € 15.4 million to € 472.9 million, or 3.4%. "The Witzenmann Group managed to reach a new record turnover", explains Hans-Eberhard Koch, Chairman of the Management Board.

The sales trend is regionally different: In Germany, Witzenmann recorded a stable development, while businesses in other European countries showed a slight downward trend. The biggest growth is generated in the regions America and Asia. Important contributions to growth are not only made by the Headquarters but also the USA, China and Russia.

The foreign share of total sales in 2012 amounts to 65%, a further increase of 1.5 percentage points compared to the previous year. The share of the markets in North and South America is remarkable. It increases to over 22% and represents the strong sales growth of the subsidiary in the USA. 

Witzenmann's growth is driven by the automotive industry (passenger cars, HGVs and commercial vehicles). Development in the general industry remained stable.

Also the development of employment is positive. At the end of 2012, more than 3,400 employees worked for the Group, says Manager Gerhard Flöck. More than half are employed in German affiliates. The number of employees in America and Asia related to sales growth. 

Witzenmann sees itself in line with its plans in the current year. "In 2013, we expect a moderate development with a Group turnover of more than € 490 million. This year, growth will also be realised outside of Europe", states Hans-Eberhard Koch. 

Witzenmann supports the growth planned with targeted investments. The investment volume remains high and continues to exceed depreciation. "As a result, we invest in our future and secure our long-term leadership market position worldwide", explains Gerhard Flöck. In 2013 investments amounting to more than € 34 million are planned, after almost € 33 million in the previous year.

The Witzenmann Group believes itself to be well positioned and sets ambitious goals. In 2020, a turnover of € 800 million is to be reached. Continued globalisation, systematic innovation management and focusing on fast-growing business areas are crucial strategic core issues.

"Our markets are growing worldwide and we will seize the chances", says the Management Board.


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