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All reputable automobile and system manufacturers are today among Witzenmann's customers. In a wide range of areas,the company offers solutions that perceptibly improve the life span, economic efficiency and comfort of a car.

In the area of exhaust gases, this concerns decoupling elements or expansion elements of different design that decouple vibrations, heat expansions or engine motions. Flexible exhaust gas recirculation lines contribute significantly to improved pollutant emissions as the formation of nitrogen oxides in the combustion process is reduced.

In oil, fuel and cooling circuits, the advantages of flexible metal lines include their absolute gas and diffusion tightness, long service life, and temperature resistance. This is an essential criterion, especially when they are routed close to exhaust manifolds, turbochargers or the exhaust system.

Examples of products

Examples of products

  • Decoupling elements
  • Exhaust gas expansion elements
  • Return lines
  • Bellows elements for fuel pumps
  • Bellows elements for piezo injectors
  • Corrugated hoses for fluid applications
  • Stripwound hoses - cable conduit


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