Precision Bellows

HYDRA® precision bellows meet the strictest dimensional controls, cleanliness, functional and lifetime requirements. Specifically adapted to customer specifications, these bellows are manufactured under clean room conditions with continuous production monitoring and quality control. The smallest HYDRA® precision bellows are just 2 mm in diameter and are therefore suitable for use in mechatronic systems as well as the more traditional applications.

HYDRA® precision bellows are primarily used in the automotive industry, for example as a flexible sealing element in modern piezo injection, fuel pump or glow plug systems.

Other areas of application can be found in the medical technology, aerospace and space sectors.


  • Design specifically adapted to meet customer requirements
  • Smallest dimensions are possible
  • Highest cleanliness due to clean room production
  • Periodic requalification / validation of important properties
  • Temperature and ageing resistant



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