Exaust Gas Return Pipes with finest Filter

Areas of use

  • Pipes for return of exaust gas for use in gasoline and diesel engines

Execution forms

  • Design according to customer specification for low pressure EGR systems
  • Preferably with damping device
  • With or without bending in the plain tube
  • Connection via flange, V-band clamp Connection, casting or deep-drawn parts according to customer specification
  • With finest filter element

Technical characteristics

  • Compensation of vibrations, thermal expansions, fitting tolerances
  • Technically gas-tight
  • Heat-resistant / corrosion-resistant through suitable selection of materials
  • Protection of components close to the engine such as turbo chargers and EGR cooler by means of finest filter
  • Protection against soot and ceramic particles up to 200 µm as well as varnish
  • No Exchange necessary - lifelong deployment with continuous Regeneration during operation

Example of products

Example of products


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