Witzenmann opens new production site at Pforzheim


World market leader invests in company headquarters and makes its production sustainable. The plant was officially opened on 17.5.2019.

Strong Commitment to site at Pforzheim
The new building of the modern production at the company headquarters of the global Witzenmann Group sets a clear signal. At Pforzheim Buchbusch, the world market leader for flexible innovative elements produces components for commercial vehicles and engines. The digital technology strategy that is underway is expressed at the new site, which serves as a model for the future design of the group's production facilities worldwide.

Sustainably planned
The new building in the open countryside offered the planners an open field, on which a building, production layout and production processes could be designed optimally. The core element is the production facility of approx. 4,000 m² and 10 metres in height. The production lines can be positioned here process-optimised without any disruptive supports and adapted easily to changing requirements.

Great potential
There is great growth potential in the commercial vehicles and motors business division for the Witzenmann Group, since legislation is prescribing increasingly stricter emission limits globally for commercial vehicles, too. As a result, the demand for technologically sophisticated components is increasing. Witzenmann has extensive engineering and manufacturing expertise here and thus fulfills a fundamental requirement for sustainable production at the labour-intensive site in Germany. Buchbusch also takes the increasing significance of automation and digital technology into account.

Industry 4.0 and digital technology
The Witzenmann Group is testing trend-setting projects at the Buchbusch site, which if suitable within the framework of the digital technology strategy, will be rolled out globally.
Witzenmann is currently gaining experience, for example, with a driverless transportation system in the immediate production environment. Furthermore, Witzenmann employees at Buchbusch are testing the use of so-called augmented reality glasses. These could make remote maintenance and machine training considerably easier and more efficient.

Project details

  • Site area:     20,000 m²
  • Production space:    4,020 m²
  • Storage space:     1,900 m²
  • Administration:     281 m² (+150 m²)
  • Engineering:     262 m²
  • Social areas:     324 m²
  • Output of photovoltaic plant:   81 kWp
  • Building height:    11 m
  • Lights/usable hall height:  8 m
  • Investment volume:   approx. €13.5 million
  • Building period:    13 months
  • Workforce:     about 100 employees




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