Fire protection

HYDRA® sprinkler systems are characterised by their quality "Made by Witzenmann".     

The use of a specially prepared stainless steel hose clearly reduces the efforts required for installation purposes. Because the flexibility of the hose lets you freely choose the installation position of the sprinkler within a circular area defined by the hose length.

For this reason, the exact positioning of sprinklers in suspended ceiling systems of a variety of designs is made possible without any difficulty. This results in significant time and cost benefits as compared to the installation technology used previously.

The enclosed mounting brackets allow for reliable and secure attachment of the sprinkler hose to the respective ceiling system substructure.


  • Delivery service: 48h ex warehouse/ 24h express (domestic)
  • The system with the most flexible metal hoses (quick and easy installation)
  • Vast experience of Germany's market leader
  • Sound technical advice
  • Engineering and development competence



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